Product Specifications

The specifications of all the materials we use for our work are detailed in the downloadable files below:

Roof & General Insulation

  • Viopol-V-PUR-S-84L   –  DOWNLOAD PDF (English)
  • Viopol V-PUR-S-84L Declaration-Performance – DOWNLOAD PDF (English)
  • SYNTHESIA-Polyouretan-Spray – DOWNLOAD PDF (English)
  • SYNTHESIA-Declaration-Performance-polyouretan-S403  – DOWNLOAD PDF (English)
  • Bayer Baymer Spray Foam 205 – DOWNLOAD PDF (English)
  • Bayer Baymer Spray Foam 205 – Declaration-Performance  – DOWNLOAD PDF (English)



At Duratherm Insulation, we are constantly using the latest procedures and materials available in the market for our products and services.